History of school

Lanna Massage School

  1. Lanna Thai Traditional medical  school has got the excellent quality  prize from Ministry of Education Thailand.
  2. Thai Traditional Medicine Assistant 330 hrs.  is a project for people who would like to work in a hospital or clinic in Department of Thai traditional medical massage and Diploma in Traditional Thai massage 800 hrs. for people who work as a Doctor.
  3. Master Teacher Chaveevan Vijfan was graduated in Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Thai) 1,300 hrs. form Thai Traditional medicine office of Permanent Secretary  for public Health.

She is a created Lanna massage style which is the signature of the north of Thailand by mixing softness ,safety and gentleness from royal court and hardness of private together. That can make you feel good and fine when you have a massage without painful. More over! She is consultant for the Chiang mai University Hospital, Thailand. Therapy Massage symptoms is the way of selection and very famous now a day. So Teacher Chaveevan Vijfan is one of professional masseur.

Pictures of School History from 2001-2018






Lanna Massage School,Start from Chaveevan typewriter and computer training School. On December 6, 1991 at 275/2 Yuwa, San Pa Tong district,Chiang Mai. After that the course was changed to Thai Massage and changed the name to Lanna Massage School. The school was under super vision of Thai Nation Groverment to open on August 17, 2001 and was moved the place to teach at the present place 47 Chang Moi Kao road, Chang Moi, Muang District, Chiang Mai. On July 3, 2002.The school has changed its name to be Lanna Thai Massage School

Now March 3, 2016 has changed school name to be Lanna Thai Traditional Medical School.

Organizational Structure

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